Site Audits

Do you have bad links on your site?  When's the last time you checked for your site on the latest technologies?  We can perform a site audit for you and give you recommendations on how to make sure your site is running efficiently.


404 Page Check

If someone goes to an invalid link on your site, you want to make sure your site visitor still sees a nice page to direct them to a valid page on your site.



Your web site should be accessible to everyone including those who are disabled and vision-impaired.  We will analyze your site for accessibility and give you recommendations to make your site is accessible to all.


Browser Testing

We will test your site on the major browsers in different size monitors including tablets and mobile devices.


Call To Action

Every site should have something for the site visitor to do such as fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, or make a phone call. This is your site's "Call To Action" and we will make sure your CTA is very easy to find and set up properly.


Compression Test

Many sites run without compression turned on and not know it. We will test your site to make sure compression is enabled to maximize the speed of your web site.


GDPR Compliance

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was created in Europe to protect EU citizens' personal data. If you do online business in the EU, your site has to be GDPR compliant. However, we recommend you make your site be GDPR compliant regardless of your location as the "Golden Rule" to protect any personal data residing on your web site.


H1 Tag Check

Search engines like Google use H1 headings on your web pages to help rank sites on their search site. We will make sure your site has a proper H1 tag on each page of your site.


Image Attribute Check

All your images should have an Alternative (Alt) tag and a Title tag to accurately describe your images. This should be done for many reasons - but most importantly, to make sure your images are accessible for the vision-impaired and disabled.


Link Checker

Many sites have broken links on their website. We will test your site for broken links throughout your site.


Load Speed Test

We speed test your site and give you recommendations to make your site faster!


Meta Description Check

Meta descriptions for each page is used in the search engine results pages (SERPS). We will review your meta descriptions and give your recommendations on how to best use meta description tags.


Mobile Test

We will test your site on the most popular smartphone and tablets on both landscape and portrait orientations.


Page Title Check

Page titles should be used optimally because Google uses these titles for ranking purposes. We will review your page titles to make sure they are configured optimally.


Social Sites Review

We will review your social accounts like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure they are set up and linked properly from your web site.


SSL Test

Every site from 1 page to many pages should be hosted with SSL/HTTPS. We will test your site to make sure your SSL/HTTPS is enabled throughout your site.


URL Optimization

Many page URLs are not optimized for search engines like Google. We will review them and give you recommendations to make your URLs better for the red carpet.


Web Stats Check

You should use Google Analytics or some other similar web stats application on your site to monitor your site traffic. We will make sure your stats are configured properly.


Webmaster Tools Check

We will make sure your Google Search Console (formally Webmaster Tools) is enabled and properly activated on your site including enabling your site's XML sitemap.

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